Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update: Moonkin DPS Talents, Glyphs and Set Bonuses

Given the 3.3.3 changes I went ahead and spent some time updating my chart of our talents and set bonuses.  I added a couple of new things (Glyph of Focus and a combined Glyph of Moonfire + Starfire), and I also changed it to a percentage basis instead of a raw dps number as I feel that's more valuable information.

The original post is here - I updated that image to match this one.  The methodology was identical, and they are ordered by their average % dps increase.

The one big change is Brambles - according to Simcraft (and I ran this several times) it's behind Genesis now on a per-point basis.  I'd guess that's due to stat scaling since I used a significantly better geared set to get these calculations, but it's hard to be 100% sure.  Either way the overall difference is negligible at 1-2 dps difference per point.

Another factor to consider is that the above ignores any benefit to a tank from Thorns - if you are considering rdps then an extra ~30 damage to the boss from Thorns every few seconds will outweigh the difference with Genesis by quite a bit.  So if you are the Thorns-buffer then Brambles should pull ahead again.


  1. One odd thing in my opinion:
    It seems that the saple for Glyph of moonfire and Glyph of starfire, contributes less then the ones for the two glyphs seperatly add up to. I always whould have thgouht that those two glyphs whodl benefit eachother and the endresult ought to be opposite to waht thsi graphs seems to indicate.

    Do you have any explanation for this?
    Anyhow thanks for the great update I'm sure alot more ppl then me appresiate thise kind of representations.


  2. It seems counter intuitive but that's actually what the chart is showing.

    Say the value of the Glyph of Moonfire is X when it's paired with Starfire. Then when you remove it, your dps lowers by X + Z, where Z is the "synergy" dps the Glyph of Starfire got from being paired up.

    Then when you take off the Starfire glyph, you don't lose as much dps because that synergy is gone.

    So the combined value is really what you get from the two glyphs - that's why I added it. The individual numbers include some dps they probably shouldn't.

  3. ^ I aggre with that guy


  4. OMG I can't think this technically hehe. I admire the work you put in to figure it all out. My hubby is always doing spreadsheets for his hunter. Decisions with gear make me crazy in figuring out how much of this or that I need.