Friday, January 29, 2010

Moonkin DPS Talents, Glyphs and Set Bonuses

Edit: This is updated and is current for 3.3.3.

Hopefully you all will find this at least interesting and possibly helpful:

This is a chart of all current balance dps talents, glyphs and set bonuses that I could work out a way to test (either with Simcraft or reasonably exact data).  4t9 was not included because of it's additive nature, so it was nearly impossible for me to determine how much it added.  The ordering is done by average dps per talent point (or in the case of glyphs or set bonuses, just the dps increase).

: I only calculated the personal dps bonus.  Even if the talent provides a raid dps buff, you are assumed to have it from some other source.  For example: Improved Moonkin Form on this chart is only showing the spell power benefit, the haste is a raid buff and is ignored.  Moonkin form isn't shown at all because the personal benefit is 0 (assuming you have some other source of 5% crit).

I used Simcraft to calculate all of these.  The base wowhead profile I used was this:
The spec was chosen so that I could more easily move talents around to get values and to provide a more consistent baseline.

My original result for Celestial Focus was weird (the final point showed an actual dps loss).  This is a simulation artifact - what happens is at certain very exact values of haste, adding more can be a dps "loss" because of interactions with Eclipse, latency and spell queueing.  In real life these will not happen reliably (although you can use Simcraft to find and plan around them if you wish).  In order to get a better, more useful number for Celestial Focus I changed a gear piece to use a difference haste value (697) and that is represented as CF_697haste in the above chart - if you are looking for Celestial Focus numbers this is what I would use.

Keep in mind that the above chart is based on my current gear and isn't going to be accurate for you - however, it should still give a good idea of the relative value of everything displayed.

Edit: If you are interested the raw data I have uploaded it here.  The formatting is bad (non-existent, really) so view at your own risk.


  1. Cool shit bro. That's a handy little figure you've made. I've not double-checked your work, cause I'm preoccupied with final grading, but if it all checks out, I'd throw this up on the main WoW forums too. It would be handy to have in a Beginner's Guide to Booming Well for talent choices.

  2. Note this is basically what WrathCalcs does by default--you can see the value of adding/removing any talent or buff from your present spec (including 4T9 and other similar things).

  3. Yep - the main thing I wanted to do with this was show it in a more visual manner then numbers on a spreadsheet. The basic info has been around forever.

    I generally find that "seeing" something drives it in more then knowing it. I "knew" how much of our dps was tied into Eclipse for the longest time, but nothing drove it in as much as seeing that giant 1k dps from the first point on that chart.

  4. I like the visual representation. I agree with you, seeing this chart has more of an effect than knowing how much of our DPS is tied into Eclipse- pretty insane. Thanks!


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