Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick Thoughts - Nibelung and Owlkin Frenzy

Nibelung -

I picked this up because there's potential for it to be BIS for moonkins and what's dkp for if not to spend?

So far my impression has been very favorable - on most fights the valks live enough to provide a decent dps gain and the loss of stats just isn't as significant for a moonkin as it would be for most casters.  With that said it's hard to tell if Nibelung is actually a dps increase over my ToGC 25 MH/OH combo but it does seem competitive, my numbers were pretty comparable to top WoL parses:

Given that we're only talking about 6 ilvls difference and heroic vs non-heroic loot, I'd say that's a pretty good bonus in Nibelung's favor.

The only really bad fight for it is Blood Queen - her pulsing aura shreds the valks in about 6-8 seconds basically every time, so I used the MH/OH combo there.

Owlkin Frenzy -

This is just a general FYI.  Blood Queen's Pulsing shadow aura (the same one that kills Nibelung Valks) has a silver lining - it can proc Owlkin Frenzy.

On our kill I had just under 40% uptime with 3/3, which means the talent is worth more then 1% dps per point - very much worth speccing into for this fight (although if you're expecting a lot of procs on other fights, prepare yourself to be disappointed).  On other attempts I saw as high as 50% uptime.


  1. I love Nibelung. Some other casters thought I was a bit strange, so I did a post here explaining my logic :

    It's good to know about Owlkin Frenzy. I have been considering dropping out a few points of Balance of Power into Owlkin Frenzy to try and improve DPS.

    I say BoP simply because until I get my 4-piece I am running about 2.75% over hit cap and have Amulet of the Silent Eulogy waiting, so I can easily make up the 4% extra hit needed. The bonus from even 2/3 Owlkin Frenzy, if not 3/3, would be greatly beneficial. Especially at this point where the Blood Queen is still a very tight DPS fight.

    Down the line, as with everything, gear and nerfs will make special respecs not needed though I am sure :)

  2. Frenzy has been an excellent talent since Patch 3.3 day. I have an average ICC boss uptime of 28%. Some lower, some as high as 45%. You should go check out Elitist Jerks moonkin raiding thread.

  3. @Villainus: Every parse/report I've seen shows very bad uptimes in ICC (possible exceptions being p1 Deathwhisper and obviously BQL).

    I'd have to see WoL reports in order to buy that it's a good general talent. An average of 28% uptime seems like wishful thinking at best.

  4. Having gone an entire ICC clear with OF, I find an avg uptime of 28% really, really hard to believe. The only fight I would say it's undoubtedly good is BQL.

    I'm kinda hoping they will remove the ability of BQL's aura to proc OF. It's going to be annoying to be forced into having 2 moonkin specs for hardmodes.