Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tier 10 Moonkin Stats


I know everyone else is already talking about this, but I think it deserves a post.  MMO data-mined the t10 druid sets, and the balance is amazing:

There also should be a Heroic set around ilvl 277, but that isn't available yet.  It should be pretty obvious though that the stats on this are incredible:
  • No Spirit
  • Three Spell power/haste/crit items (helm/chest/shoulder)
  • Two Spell power/hit/crit items (gloves/legs)
  • Only red/yellow sockets and only spell power bonuses, and every item has at least one red socket.  So you can gem for every bonus and be gaining dps.
I'm going to go out on a giant moonkin-shaped limb and state that either gloves or legs will most likely be our off-set.  Hit is going to be incredibly easy to get at t10 (moreso then t9) and using two tier pieces with hit will probably put you way over cap, especially with the rep ring adding hit.

Now which piece is off-set will depend on what other loot is available (and there's also a small potential for us to actually use 5/5, depending on what else is available), but at first glance this is very promising.

One more last thought - get used to having high haste values again.
  • 3x Tier pieces have haste, and you will probably end up using all of them.
  • The rep ring has haste.
  • The Emblem leather belt has haste (and is SP/haste/crit so you'll probably use it unless something better itemized is in 25 HM).
  • Wrist/Boot pieces that are BIS will probably be SP/haste/crit if the pattern continues.
So, to sum it up:
You will likely have haste on every single piece of gear, barring trinkets and 1-2 other pieces that have hit instead.  So be prepared to break 600 haste again, possibly at high velocity.

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