Monday, November 16, 2009

11/16/2009 - General Update

I'll be posting something more substantial soon but I had a couple of updates I wanted to cover that are pretty minor:

1) I've started logging every raid I do to World of Logs, and I've added a link to that over to the right, under my armory and guild site.  There isn't much up there yet, but tonight's 25 ToGC should go up, and hopefully more content this coming Tuesday/Wednesday.

I use Loggerhead and run WoL's live-raid tool, so generally everything I raid will be up there.  This includes 10-mans (which I almost always tank) and anything my DK raids.

2) I've started rewriting my simulation spreadsheet.  The previous version had a lot of limitations - it's handling of DoTs and cooldowns was pretty clunky and it was hard to get good estimates for the value of RNG stats like crit or hit.  The new version should be a bit more robust and hopefully give more accurate values.

I did sit down and ask myself if I was reinventing the wheel (given tools like Wrathcalcs or SimulationCraft) but decided that it was different enough to be worthwhile - a dps simulation generated in a spreadsheet offers some advantages that Wrathcalcs and SimulationCraft don't (and of course, some weaknesses as well).  And there is always the value of having multiple tools look at the same information, just to see the differences in output.

3) The topic of my blog came up in guild chat the other day and my raid leader asked if I had talked about his gearscore yet - he has the best on the server and he gets tells two or three times a day about it.  Sadly this is actually true - he gets tells like, "Hey I heard you have the best gearscore on the server, that's awesome" (although usually with decidedly less capitalization, grammar and spelling).  So this is for you Romo.

Edit: Followup
Owlkin Frenzy - 0 procs Beast, 1 proc Jaraxxus, 6 procs Faction Champs, 1 proc Twins.  So, useless.

Bad News about tonights raid: I went full retard on Twins and died twice.
Good News about tonights raid: We still managed to one shot it and got our first Insanity (and I got my neck).


  1. Cracking up on your full retard comment hehe.

    I tried out Owlkin Frenzy one week and it was definitely a complete disappointment.

    Grats on Insanity!

  2. Yeah i ditched Owlkin frenzy too, it seems so good when you think about it, not really when you try it...

    Love to see your logs!, i think im going to start doing the same if my rig doesnt collapse, its a nice way to analize your performance without relying on others to log the fights...