Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Latest 3.3 PTR - Moonkin Buff.

Both Eclipse effects have been increased to 40% from 30%.  Screenshot is in 4t9:

This is a pretty large buff.  If we use the 2t8 estimate of 6% dps (pre-nerf), then this should be on the order of 4% dps - just making up for the WiseEclipse nerf (if you weren't aware of it before, the Eclipse change in 3.3 is to nerf WiseEclipse).

The downside is that this buff comes in the form of increasing our reliance on Eclipse.  One of the big reasons moonkins have RNG issues is because Eclipse is such a large percentage of our dps, and this buff (while welcome) will only increase that issue.

This is concerning because the trend in an expansion is that later bosses = increased movement.  Now this is a generalization - obviously it's not true for all bosses.  But if you look at most fights, as mechanics get more interesting you also have to move around more, and this change is going to make movement a really big killer for moonkins.


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  2. I'm thankful for the buff but agree with what others are saying about it increasing our dependence on Eclipse procs and RNG. It feels a bit insulting seeing the route they took; very uninspired.

    Sorry for the double post, wrong account.

  3. I think it's meant as a band-aid for 3.3 and not as a design intention for moonkins in cataclysm. At least that's what I'm hoping it is.

    As a quick fix it's pretty nice, it solves 2 nerfs with 1 stone. Both the loss of WE and the "crit loss" from 2T8.

    With the starting point of "they can't do any major changes to the functionality of our spells/talents" this is, I think, the best we could have hoped for. If also GC could have said a bit about how this is not a design desision for the future, then I would be a happy camper :D