Thursday, October 8, 2009

Patch 3.3: tier 10 bonuses

So we have our t10 moonkin bonuses:

2 piece bonus - When you gain Clearcasting from your Omen of Clarity talent, you deal 10% additional Nature and Arcane damage for 6 sec.
Update - increased to 15% for 6 seconds.  So the benefit increases to approximately 3%

Omen of Clarity is something like a 6% proc rate on spells.  If we cast approximately 35 spells per minute (roughly the average based on WoL) then we should see 35*6% = 2.1 procs per minute, which matches what shows up in WoL.  2.1 procs per minute at 6 seconds each is 12.6/60 = 21% uptime.  So for a 10% increase, that should be about 2.1% dps.

However, there are several issues with this:
1) The 10% only applies to spells that are finished within the 6 second duration.  So some portion will almost always be wasted.
2) Omen of Clarity doesn't have an internal cooldown, so if it refreshes itself then part of a bonus will be wasted.
3) It's very RNG based.  At 2 PPM the number of procs per fight could vary widely.

So overall for single-target fights, I see this being very weak, <2%.  However, one thing to bear in mind - on AOE fights you will see a much higher proc rate on OoC, which means the uptime could be significant - 10% AOE damage on certain fights could be very, very good.

4 piece bonus - Your critical strikes from Starfire and Wrath cause the target languish for an additional 5% of your spell's damage over 4 seconds.
Napkin math time.  Say dps on single-target looks roughly like this:
20% DoTS/starfall/treants
40% Wrath
40% Starfire

Wrath crit rate should be about 55%, Starfire crit rate is about 75%.  Crits are 209% of a hit.  Then:
2.09*.55 / (2.09*.55 + .45) = 71.9% of your wrath damage is from crits.
2.09*.75 / (2.09*.75 + .25) = 86.2% of your starfire damage is from crits.

.4 * .719 + .4*.862 = 63.24% of your damage from Wrath or Starfire crits.  4t10 should just be a flat 5% damage increase to crits, so:
63.24% * .05 = 3.2% dps increase

>3% is certainly respectable and is roughly as strong as 4t9.  This does assume it's not buggy though.

Could be better, could be worse.  Depending of course on itemization, I don't see any issue with upgrading from 4t9->2t10, or from 2t9 to 4t10.  The set bonus + stat increases should make it worth it.


  1. I was really hoping to see a higher benefit from the 2-set bonus and find it odd that it's based off a Resto talent, granted most Moonkin take OOC anyway. I digress, though. Thanks for pulling off the math here as theorycrafting isn't my strongest point lol.

  2. 2T10: I really like the 2T10 bonus even though it's very RNG. I think a buff increase to 7 seconds would not be asking for too much. At best, it would increase dps by 3.65% but procs such as these will rarely reach their damage potential. I would be perfectly satisfied if it was left at 15% dmg for 6 seconds but a small boost is always welcomed.

    4T10: Well this bonus is certainly not original since it is exactly like the 4T8 for Elem. Shamans, which was a copy of Ignite from mages.
    Your numbers are a little generous. Starfire+Wrath combined usually only consists between 35-38% of my damage excluding fights such as General Vezax and Hodir. It comes out closer to 2.8 to 3% DPS increase. Again probably not needed but a small buff to 6% damage wouldn't be overkill. It would still be a sub-4% DPS increase and I think a combination of 7% dps increase from both set bonuses isn't too much to expect.

    I feel that Blizzard is overly cautious when it comes to Moonkin set bonuses. They seem to overestimate the DPS boost we will receive from our set bonuses which results in bonuses that are *almost* there.

  3. "Starfire+Wrath combined usually only consists between 35-38% of my damage"

    I'm assuming this is a typo? In general I find 80% for Wrath + Starfire to actually be slightly conservative. My normal damage breakdown looks closer to this:
    ~10% Moonfire DoT
    ~6% Insect Swarm
    ~1% Starfall
    ~2.5% FoN

  4. I meant to say 35-38% each so 70-76% combined which is actually a bit on the low side. I know from looking through my parse that Wrath and Starfire together are anywhere from 70-78%. I glyph starfall giving up IS and refresh my dots almost as soon as they fall off. Especially MF, I'm more lax about IS.

    My damage break down is usually
    ~12% Moonfire dmg
    ~5% Insect Swarm
    ~4% Starfall
    ~3% FoN

  5. I believe if you drop IS glyph then you only want to apply it at the very start of a Solar Eclipse or between Eclipses, so 5% seems very high.

    4% also seems high for Starfall on single-target fights, even glyphed.

  6. Yea, the IS dmg might be overestimated.
    Single-target fights are far and few in between. Those stars do respectable damage with two targets up. Looking through some fight parses again, and 4% is pretty accurate for me.

    Sorry I wasn't trying to dispute that your numbers were misleading; 3% dps boost from 4T10 is accurate. But it still feels weak for a 4set bonus of endgame content, don't you think? It hardly feels like I'm going to gain dps since I'm going to lose Moonfire's ability to crit by going from 2T9+2T10 to 4T10, which is significant. I don't want to get my 4T10 and notice no significant increase to my dps because that is exactly how 4t9 has felt. It was really only a sidegrade at that and only due to stats.

    Blizzard should want all their players to desire higher tier gear but they need to make those set bonuses mean something more.